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Medical and mobility sensors


Piher manufactures quality products with brand consistency allowing our clients to focus on their core business.

We institute mandatory training and testing on control procedures for all of our employees, and follow the highest levels of onsite security and best practices.


With the increased use of electronics in medical equipment, access to the best health care has been improved for more people. At the same time, safety and cost concerns and have raised including telemedicine and IOT (The internet of things).
Piher sensors and controls are succesfully providing responsive operation, compatibility with many existing controllers, and helping meet faster the specifications required by the most demanding regulations.

Example applications for Piher sensors, PCB resistors and control potentiometers in the medical and mobility fields:

• Electrosurgical generator controls.
• Mobility chairs-scooters for older or handicapped people: throttle, steering, position.
• Wig wag throttle lever.
• MRI and CAT devices controls.
• Crank shaft position sensor.
• Patient monitor equipment.
• Coulter counter analyzers.
• Medication dispensers potentiometers.
• Valve position sensor for ventilators & anesthesia machines.
• Hospital and surgical power beds angel/position sensors. Drugs cart dispenser.
• Medical actuators and joystick potentiometers.
• Cut, blend, coag and bipolar controls.
• Ultrasound medical equipment.
• Robotic exoskeletons rotary angle sensor.
• Electrophoresis.
• Centrifugation.
• CrLaser diffraction particle size, surface area and pore analyzers.
• Medical lighting, deadlamps, binocular loupes, endoscopes, arthroscopes.
• Lung respiratory devices.
• Breast pumps.
• Defibrillators.
• Shock wave theraphy devices.
• Plastic products for medical applications.
• Temperature control units.
• Electronic dosing systems for self-medication.
• Line-of-sight radio devices.
• Security access systems.
• Cardiac pacemakers and defibrillators.
• Respiration systems.
• Hearing aids.
• Insulin pumps.
• Catheters.
• Electric Care Beds, Medical Beds & Disabled Beds.
• Endoscopes.
• Imaging diagnostic devices.
• Ultrasound devices.
• Medtech sensors.
• Prosthetics position and angle sensor.
• Incubation potentiometer adjust.
• Biotech sensors.
• Biotest systems sensors.
• Operating table position sensor.
• Pharma & healthcare sensors.

• 3D surgical microscope.
• 3D surgical microscope.
• Training modules.
• Simulators.
• Medical vision systems.
• Surgical devices.
• Treatment devices.
• Aesthetic devices.
• Dental microscope.
• Oral camera.
• Diagnostic camera systems.

• Knee angle position measurement of exoskeleton.
• Robotic leg brace’s knee joint mount small sensor.

• Moisture, solids, ash, toxic gas analyzers.
• Force gauges.
• Trade scales.
• 3D scanners.
• Force and melt flow instruments.
• Ophthalmologic instruments.
• Pressure gauges.
• High speed cameras controls.
• Interferometry systems.
• DC brush/brushless servo motors control, controllers, gearboxes, encoders, brakes.
• Transit motors, pumps, DC brushless/regenerative blowers.
• Linear actuators, linear rail/guide systems.

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  • Hospital Beds & Long Term Care Beds
  • Piher sensors enable quick and easy adjustment of bed to fit patient, minimizing migration and need for repositioning. Head-of-bed angle.
  • Support Surfaces & Mattresses
  • Patient Handling
  • Stretchers
  • Medical powered transport.
  • Respiratory Care
  • Clinical Communications
  • Surgical Equipment
  • Bariatric Patient Care
  • Early Mobility
  • Fall Prevention
  • Pressure Ulcer Management
  • Safe Patient Handling
  • Rehabilitation and assistive equipment.
  • Imaging system.
  • Diagnostic instrument.
  • Treatment instrument.
  • Medical instrument.
  • Inspection and experiment instruments.
  • Home medical care and care.
  • Rehabilitation and assistive equipment.
  • Imaging systems.
  • CG ECG, EMG machine EMG, ophthalmology optometry machines.
  • Dental chair.
  • Medical therapeutic equipment.
  • Electrosurgery Endoscopic electric cutters.
  • Extracorporeal shock wave lithotripter.
  • Hemodialysis machine, infusion pump or sterilization pot.
  • Neonatal jaundice illuminator.
  • Breathing aid (CPAP).
  • Nebulizer, slapper.
  • Anti-snoring bed.
  • Medical power supplies trimmer.
  • Cardiopulmonary resuscitation machine.
  • Low-frequency therapy device.
  • Venous embolization device.
  • Electric thermal medical pad.


Technology – medical
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Touchless working principle for medical sensors.

Superior to other sensors technologies in terms of cost and convenience, our vertical hall effect sensors are the perfect replacement to other technologies such as resolvers, capacitive displacement sensors,.

Measurement of linear position using variation of magnetic field amplitude induced by the displacement of a moving magnet has been intensively developed over the last fifteen years. However, these solutions have limits in terms of angular range and temperature influence.

The technology used by Piher is only sensitive to the flux density coplanar with the IC surface.

The absolute position information is computed from both vectorial components of the flux density (i.e. BX and BY) of a magnet. Then, an output signal proportional to the decoded position is produced.