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Marine position sensors


The modern Marine industry, as well as the Automotive sector, require highly-complex products with an extremely high proportion of electronic components and maximum safety requirements. This requires correspondingly complex development and production processes as well as sophisticated interdisciplinary expertise. Piher´s contact-less technology is based on robust, state-of-the-art and proven hall-effect technology that can withstand extreme environments.


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That is why Piher has been a tried and trusted supplier of linear and rotary position sensors for the industrial sector for many years. Our development and production processes are certified according to ISO 9001, ISO 14001 and IATF 16949.


Our PST, MTS and PSC series can provide reliable feedback for a number of marine applications, thanks to its intrinsic reliability:

  • Environmentally-sealed up to IP69K.
  • Programmable output of up to 360º even in hollow-shaft models.
  • Compact design. Ruggedized.
  • Multiple output versions.
  • Resolution of 14 bits.
  • Semi & full redudant versions.
  • Long life for maintenance-free operation.
  • Ready for custom solutions.
  • Contact and non-contact.
  • Cost effective compared to encoders, magnetoresistive, resolvers and other transducers technologies.

With millions of position sensors sold every year, we have the required experience to quickly adapt our sensors to the customer´s application or design a new custom sensor from scratch in a timely manner.

  • Electronic Side Mount Ski Control
  • Electric Power Steering Products
  • DTS Controls
  • Starboard Mount Control with Engine Cut Off Switch
  • Platinum Series Throttles
  • Side Mount Control – Mechanical
  • Control Accessories
  • DTS Billet Control
  • Side Mount DTS Controls
  • Center Console Mount Control
  • Joystick Docking Control
  • Outboard Steering
  • Inboard Steering
  • Sterndrive Steering
  • Inboard Power Steering
  • Power Assisted Steering
  • Dual Lever sensor for Marine Steering
  • Single lever / dual action control to operate both throttle and gear
  • Concealed side mount control
  • Control box shifter position sensor



Applications – Marine
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Some typical MARINE applications for Piher's sensors and controls: