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LED lighting controls. High power rating disippation, miniature SMD trimmer for LED.

Today’s technology is making lighting better.

The next technology step is the mass adoption of autonomous LEDs. This next generation of smarter LED lighting will deliver cost savings and an enhanced human experience.

This will require efficient and accurate control. This requires something like Piher.


Since 1850 we have been delivering potentiometers for light control. Our quanlity level and low cost position us as the most reliable potentiometer manufacturer for led lighting drivers.

Piher potentiometers include special features for lighting control, some examples:

  • Rotary switch
  • Solder lugs or PCB insertion terminals potentiometer
  • Push/ push switch
  • Push/ pull switch
  • SPDT changeover electrical switch
  • SPST changeover electrical switch
  • DPST changeover electrical switch
  • DPDT changeover electrical switch
  • Only switch versions
  • Potentiometer with on-off function incorporated for low cost on-off & dimming applicatios.
  • Built in detents (stops) for dimmer feeling and rotational feedback to the user.

Piher is a reliable source of LED light potentiometers, switches and encoders for:

  • Downlights.
  • Spotlights and track lighting.
  • Low voltage track systems.
  • Wall / ceiling / floor luminaires.
  • Table and floor lamps.
  • Dimmer rotary wwitch with knob.
  • Linear lighting systems.
  • Light management systems dimmer.
  • Indirect lighting.
  • Indoor LED light.
  • IR Active infrared sensor potentiometer.
  • Exterior LED light.
  • Recessed luminaires.
  • Surface-mounted luminaires.
  • Recessed floor luminaires.
  • Projectors, floodlights and wallwashers.
  • Facade luminaires.
  • LED motion sensor
  • Bollard luminaires.
  • Matrix lights.
  • General lighting.
  • Pendants.
  • Passive infra-red (PIR) sensor for smart lighting.
  • Microwave Switch,Sensor adjust for automated lights.
  • Power supply.
  • Self-illuminated LED street light.
  • Solar powered smart lighting system .
  • Self-sufficient autonomous ecologic lighting lamps.
  • Strobe lights speed adjust potentiometer.
  • Professional stage lights controls.
  • Automotive lighting.
  • Lighting and body electronics.
  • Automotive lighting Control.
  • Led driver control.
  • Headlamp levelling (automotive).
  • Wardrobe light.
  • Electronic ballasts potentiometer.
  • Potentiometer for led spotlight and railway led.
  • Strip power led.
  • Trimmer for DC/DC converter.
  • Control Devices.
  • Temperature Control.
  • Motion Detectors.
  • Electrical Blinds Control.
  • Electronic Dimmers.
  • Data Sockets.
  • RJ45 Connectors.
  • Chronothermostat.
  • Couplers for Fibre Optic Connectors.
  • Telephone Sockets.
  • Radio, Television and Satellite Sockets.
  • Multimedia Sockets.
  • Energy Sockets.
  • Two-way Switch Rockers / Cover plates.
  • Flush mounting mechanisms .
  • Surrounding sound.



A design classic
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A pop design classic. Piher, 50 years with you.
The tatú, or armadillo, is a friendly mammal with a shell on its back that protects it when it rolls up into a ball. On a transoceanic flight, while reading about Argentinean wildlife and contemplating how the light above his seat did not disturb his sleeping wife next to him, André Ricard came up with this lamp that became a pop-art icon in Europe.

Tatu takes us back to carefree days, when consumer goods came to European middle classes and their children boldly started a huge aesthetic revolution in which eve rything was contorted, from Andy Warhol to The  Beatles to Mary Quant. Everything could be expressed differently.
Like a compact flexo, Tatu's mechanical body was conceived in three sections that can rotate independently to adapt its use for a shelf, on a desk, on a bedside table and even as a wall lamp.

The Santa & Cole edition enhances its initial performance by including LED technology, which makes the light intensity easy to adapt (from 0 to 100% in linear progression) and the source far less hot and longer lasting, but it also includes a moveable converging lens that extends or reduces the focal length between the light column (30º opening) and the general diffuser (60º opening). This means that the intensity and focal length are now adjustable.

With the incorporation of André Ricard, Santa & Cole is reinforcing its Design Classic Collection, which already includes such masters as Arne Jacobsen, Miguel Milá, Antoni de Morgas and Ilmari Tapiovaara.

Piher product used: PC16 potentiometer with incorporated switch.