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  • Touch-Sensitive

    Printed Capacitive Controls

  • Seat belt sensor

    Sealed sensor for reliable switching

    Selectable switching technology

  • Let there be light, and there was light

    Light is under control

  • Pro audio grade potentiometers

  • Expert advice.

    Tell us what you need.

    Build your potentiometer / position sensor in less than 5 minutes!

  • Is nothing the only thing that can last forever?

    Then, we have the nothing.

  • Adaptive partners

    Multi-disciplinary teams working brilliantly together

  • Medical sensors

    Measuring position in medical devices and healthcare systems

  • Harsh sensors for automotive applications

    "smarter", more efficient, and safer

  • Combined power of people and technology.

    Leading global supplier by providing exceptional value for our customers through continuous innovation and improvement.

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Piher has an advantage

Flexible manufacturing

Readily adaptable to changes and small batches

Rapid prototyping

Quick & cost effective functional prototypesmnis iste.

Uncompromising attitude

Technological and service leadership, solid financial strength and stability, long-term research and development programmes

* real-world sensitive *

Alternative & Renewable Energy

All-in-one integrated and maintenance free solution for remote locations.

Material handling

Sensors & Switches for constructions, material handling applications.


Piher´s contactless technology is based on robust, state-of-the-art proven hall-effect technology.


Producing added value to maritime sensor system activities.


Piher's rugged contactless positions sensors are suitable for harsh environments with superior performance in heavy duty vehicles.


Versatile controls for consumer white goods.


Fail safe components for Automotive, Trucks, Motorsport and other Land Vehicles.


Variable resistors ruggedized for harsh environments

Featured products

HVACR Sensors

Over 120 million-plus HVAC custom sensors, delivered to a major automotive supplier, for over ten years with an PPM rate below 1

Printed PCB resistors

Our variable resistors afford simple integration and can operate in harsh enviroments without requiring periodic replacement thus minimizing downtime. We’re known for the fine art of laser trimming, delivering the very low tolerances at very high volumes needed to keep pace with automotive innovation in electronics. Actually, we’re old masters of every aspect of the […]

Touchless sensors

We are expanding our non-contact position sensors range with new touchless sensors that provide multiple fenefits when operating in harsh environments. Click here and discover them.

Quality components

Our mission is to satisfy customers through our Zero Defect strategy, high service levels and commitment to being socially responsible.

Sergio Arriazu. Industrialization Project Manager

Ensuring products meet requirements

Daniel Alava. Contactless Area Manager

Road to Zero defects

Satur Rapun. Inside Sales Manager

We want to partner with you

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