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Enabling the future mobility. Automotive sensors

Thanks to over 40 years of experience serving the key Automotive OEM’s and Component Suppliers, Piher has developed an expertise in flexible and innovative solutions for the automotive industry.. This relationship has grown worldwide as customers have expanded their area of activity to serve the global market, yet still demanding the same level of quality and service.

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Piher is a global leader in the development, manufacture, and sale of electronic sensors and controls for harsh automotive environment such as electronic controls devices, electric and hybrid electric vehicle battery management, dc/dc converter, transmission, pedal systems, chassis & safety, interior and HMI systems with high resistance to temperature and vibration in the engine and the passenger area.

The Company organizes its operations Automtoive / Transportation and HVOR (Heavy vehicle on- and off-road) sensors & switches to be used into the following applications/solutions:

  • Air conditioning systems, transmission, engine oil, suspension, fuel rail, braking, tire pressure monitoring, exhaust after treatment.
  • Transmission, braking, engine.
  • Air conditioning systems, power steering, transmission.
  • Electronic and electro-mechanical sensors


The increasingly important role of electric autonomous, driverless and electric taxi mobility solutions demand reliable, accurate and heavy-duty ready position sensors for body control and . Piher has designed rugged sensors for chassis, supension, power steering and wheel actuators that altogether provide sensory feedback to the car for improved ride comfort.

The Automotive market is one of the key drivers of Piher’s success. Demanding new and cost effective ideas year on year has shaped the company in to what it is today: proactive and customer driven. Since the seventies Piher has served the key USA and European Automotive OEM’s and component suppliers and has developed an expertise in providing custom Control and Sensor solutions unrivalled in today’s Automotive sector.

Thanks to sensors, cars are getting «smarter», more efficient, and safer.

Typical applications for automotive grade Piher sensors and controls are:

• Cornering/bending lights position sensor.
• Heating, ventilating + air aconditioning.
• Instrument Panel light dimmers / Headlamp levelling / Headlamp switches + Interior light control.
• Mirror memory.
• Infotainment.
• Windshield wiper.
• Parking radar / convertable hood control.
• Seat position.
• Power sunroof.
• 4×4 four wheel drive selector switch.
• Transmission control.
• Airbag switch.
• Powertrain.
• Trunk / boot position.
• Swirl actuator.
• Seat temperature controls.
• Turn counter.
• Brake, clutch or accelerator pedal position sensor.
• Absolute rotary encoder.
• Power steering. Rear axle steering and individual steer sensor.
• Seat belt switch.
• Throttle / EGR valve and landing gear position sensor.
• Motor-shaft position sensor.
• Height & suspension sensor.
• Shift selector lever position feedback sensor.
• Seat belt switch.
• Motor-shaft position sensor.
• Door/tailgate position sensor.
• Motor/movement control (closed-loop feedback).
• Adaptive Front-lighting System (AFS).
• Electrical Stability Program (ESP).
• Electrical Power System (EPS).
• Advanced Driver Assistance Systems (ADAS).
• Camshaft position sensor.
• Fuel level sensor.
• Contactless torque and position sensing.
• Absolute steering wheel angle sensor (gearless).

• Electro-pneumatic positioner.
• Intelligent positioner.
• Process positioner feedback.
• Electic kart acceleration control.
• Lights switch: long lights, short lights, tail parking lights, flashing lights.
• Motorbike handlebar control devices.

  • Electronically controlled shock absorber adaptive suspension.
  • Body displacement and steering angle.
  • Electronic valve damping sensor.
  • Transmission selector switch (gear selector sensor).
  • Transmission position sensor.
  • Off-highway seating systems that include air, mechanical and active suspension.
  • Rotation and speed sensor.
  • Active suspension position sensor.
  • Braking using Hall Effect position sensors.
  • Seat belt buckle sensing.

Piher Sensing Systems help automotive manufacturers to:

  1. Reduce development and production costs.
  2. Reduce CO2 emissions.
  3. Reduce fuel consumption.
  4. Improve driveability.
  5. Improve safety.
  6. Reduce time-to-market.


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Automotive-grade Piher sensors and controls:

The pursuit of the most cost-effective total solution for your needs is firmly embedded within our business philosophy, so whatever your requirements are, be sure that Piher will deliver.

+ Configurable and customisable potentiometers catalogue.
+ Bespoke mechatronics.
+ Market-leading thick film carbon technology.
+ Innovative contactless Hall effect solutions for rugged applications.
+ Rapid prototyping and production ramp-up.
+ Superior lead-times.
+ Serving global supply chains from production in Europe and Asia.
+ Worldwide customer support.

We offer both standard and custom engineered solutions that provide high performance in harsh environmental applications.

Our Company is highly integrated employing our own in-house technologies
We are experts in the manufacture of: