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Capacitive sensing technology

Cost-saving solution for replacing electromechanical components for switches, rotary and linear control touch switch / sensor solutions.



Touch screens are becoming widely used but buttons and dials will not be replaced because finding the rendered buttons in the screen will distract drivers from the road and, furthermore, they may not be able to remember the many different gestures and screen-locations that control the different fuctions of the car.
The automotive and home appliances sectors are moving towards the replacement of electro-mechanical switches and buttons by touch-sensitive buttons thanks to its advantages in terms of cost, ease of assembly and freedom of shaping tactile controls to intuitive user interaction. Designers have now the opportunity to eliminate components count and design highly styled thin, light-weight structures HMI control surfaces.

We can provide printed capacitive touch controls where the presence of a conductive object or finger creates a capacitance change which is converted into a switch activation in the customer application.
Piher, manufacturer of capacitive touch controls, can print this technology in several materials or substrates such as AG nanoparticle conductive inks, conductive polymer PEDOT, carbon and dielectric layers that allows flexibility, bendability  and other mechanical properties to be included in a wide range of flat or 3D surfaces.By using a translucent substrate, our films and touch sensors allow low cost, low power, low weight and low profile backlit designs. (i.e. led light goes through the substrate).

Benefits of Piher’s capacitive sensors:

− Low cost (reduction of component count, no wires, easier assembly).

− Energy-efficient (capacitive sensing wakes up the electronics and then it is ready for operation).

− Low weight (traditional PCB, buttons and wiring not needed anymore).

− Low power.

− Long life.

− Low profile.

− High sensitivity.

− Translucent ready for back-lit applications.

− Stable and robust (no moving parts to wear, circuitry can be escapsulated).

− Printing in FR4, CEM, CERAMIC and flexible substrates, PET, Polycarbonate, glass.

− Shape design freedom and curved surfaces sensors.

− High volume manufacturing capability and flexibility.


Piher capacitive sensor / switch

Piher capacitive sensor / switch

Markets / typical applications:

− Automotive.

− Home & building automation.

− Appliances (whitegoods).


Application examples:

− HVAC, audio bezels and panel controls in a car.

− Thermostat, home & building automation.

− Cooking, refrigerator, coffee-machine and general appliance control products.

− Long life Touchless strechable control interface matrix for automotive HMI applications.

− Capacitive tactile printed sensors.

− IOT (internet of things).

− Car infotainment touch controls manufacturer.

− Wearable electronics sensors that can bend.

− Capacitive rugged touchpad switches.

− Lighting controls.

− Scrolling and menu navigation for consumer electronic devices.

− Embedded Flexible smart circuits.

− In Mold Electronics (IME).

− Cap-touch buttons.

− Flexible Hybrid Electronics.

− Smart automotive surfaces and innovative interiors technologies (lighting, door trim, floor console, and instrument panel, etc.)

− 3D Transparent Touch Sensors and transparent heating films or EMI shielding.

− Automotive touch keys, sliders, wheels and track pads.

− Navigation devices.

− Virtual & augmented reality and game controllers.

− Capacitive keyboards.

 − Gaming devices.

− PEDOT sensor with rotary switch and discrete buttons for capacitive user HMI interface.