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Aerospace sensors

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The modern aerospace industry, as well as the automotive sector, require highly-complex products with an extremely high proportion of electronic components and maximum safety requirements. This requires correspondingly complex development and production processes as well as sophisticated interdisciplinary expertise. Piher´s contact-less technology is based on robust, state-of-the-art and proven hall-effect technology that can withstand extreme environments.


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Applications – aerospace
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Some typical applications for Piher's aerospace sensors and controls:

Landing gear position
Nosewheel steering angle sensor
Ailerons and elevators sensors
Lever position
Actuator position
Door position
Aileron position
Spoiler position
Flap / slats position
Elevator position
Fuel valve position
Fly-by-wire systems
Brake-by-wire systems
Foot pedal
Yoke steering sensor
Tiller position sensor
Rudder position

Pilot input controls

Set Headubg Indicator / headin "Bug"
Ser VOR! & VOR2 heading / OBS setting
Adjust airspeed / altitude Indicator
Adjust barometrer reading
Set ADF Indicator and deading
Adjust radio / ADF frequencies
Set autopilot altitude & vertical speed
Flight control actuator.
Central thrust levers.
Feedback controls for stability augmentation and autopilot .
Throttle control.
Propeller lever control.
Fuel shutoff control.
Thrust reverser deployment/feedback/lockout
Nose wheel steering control.
Emergency landing fear control.
Emergency/parking brake control.
Gust lock control.
Emergency ram air turbine control.
Landing gear door control.
Flight surface control.
Arresting hook control.
Fuel management control.
Flap/slat control lever.
Yaw and rudder Pedal sensor.
High Lift, Spoiler, and Horizontal Stabilizer
Thrust Reverser and Power Lever Angle (PLA)